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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Medved Discusses Amnesty Intl. Claims

Tune in to KTTH Talk 770, where Michael Medved is discussing the recent Amnesty International report which accuses the U.S. of increasing human rights abuses across the globe.

CNN has a preliminary report on this issue as well, although it's much more propaganda than reporting. Is this another example of the media making America look like the bad guy? Or do you think there is something more to this report? Another question that comes to mind is whether America really a threat to "global values", but moreover, what the HELL are "global values"?!?!?

As a quick sidenote, it's interesting that London based Amnesty International filed this report. Last Sunday (May 22, 2005) a Norwegian "peacebroker" addressed our graduating class at PLU. He had this to say about the Bush Administration's handling of Sudan, but also our humanitarian efforts abroad:
I wish to take this opportunity to pay tribute to President Bush and the US Administration for its constructive and all important contribution to the peace process. Without the active US engagement, we would probably not have had the present peace agreement in Sudan. (Read the full address here)

Ambassador Vraalsen lauded not just the United States' efforts, but also those of PLU. While I'm not sure of the latter (read: possible fundraising ploy) I do think the U.S. doesn't get nearly 1/100th of the credit it DESERVES for HELPING people around the globe.

Also today, the ACLU (read: American Communist Liberation Union) parrots the AI report as an opportunity for "self-criticism". A newsrelease put out today by the ACLU indicates that the Newsweek story (since retracted) is "confirmed" by FBI documents.

Try and remember that we are talking about what suspected terrorists have told investigators. Now take this in light of what know about the "al Qaeda handbook", which commands those in captivity to falsely accuse "the infidel" of committing acts that would inspire hate in the Muslim world. When the media carries such stories, it almost reminds me of the Bin Laden tapes (aired soon after 9/11 by nearly every network) and later alledged to have carried "hidden messages".

The ACLU also has released documents under a FOIA request that alledgely substantiate such claims. Take a look for yourself, then comment here!


At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. The US has admitted killing 30+ people in prison, and that 90% of those people were innocent. Wake up. Torture's happening. Just because the US is doing good stuff doesn't mean it's not doing awful things as well. Were this effective at getting information and stopping terrorists, we might have a different discussion. Instead, it's just feeding anti-Americanism and building terrorism. We've got more, not less terrrorism today.


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