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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Story That Just Won't Flush

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By now, I'm sure most of our dear readers have heard about the Newsweek story, which was later retracted for lack of a credible source. The fact that the whole story's linchpin relied on just ONE precious source is another story in and of itself.

While most mainstream pundits claim that the "damage has beeen done", I'm not so sure. I think the story, and the fallout it engendered, continue to cause harm.

An earlier post about the lack of media attention to anything "positive" happening in Iraq received much attention here. That post naturally devolved into a consideration of Newsweek's complete ignorance, and possible intent to do harm to America's image abroad.

TownHall.com has some recent articles which greatly merit your attention! Anne Coulter and Diana West give some valuable commentary on the issues at play, and delve into what is REALLY at stake. More comments of my own will shortly be forthcoming.


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