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Friday, May 20, 2005

Fraud By Mail

The following is crossposted over at NWRepublican.

Currently Washington State is on a headlong dive into vote-by-mail elections. This idea is of course being pushed by some liberal Democrats (because they know they can create more fraud without being caught that way) and by a few old and tired republicans (because they think it is easier for them and their wives to vote that way, and want to force everyone else to do it too.).

If Republicans are a little concerned about the way this last election fiasco was carried out then they should be staying up late at night worrying about this new method. Because at least with polling place voting we have been able to uncover election fraud by KingCo elections. If we go to all vote by mail we will never know.

Recently an anonymous reader sent me the following correspondence. I have edited it slightly for retail readability but have not changed any of the major points. This reader used to be an elections worker in NY city, and now lives out here in the great NW.

I think all-mail is a bad (i.e. Oregonian) idea that greatly enables voter fraud. Even back in the 1970's when I was an Election Inspector in New York City I, as a test, was able to register under four different names with no evidence that any of these registrations were ever invalidated. All-mail registration & voting, as pointed out in John Fund's book, makes this ten times easier because no one ever sees you. One could register & vote under 50 different names without being detected. If one had to appear in person at a voting machine to do this it would 1) take much more time & so limit the number of fraudulent ballots, & 2) make it possible to be recognized -- coming back to the same precinct under several different names would get noticed.

I sent John Fund the paragraph of the 1940 Cuban constitution on their requirements for voting. That requirement was based on effectively ending decades of some of the most extensive & sophisticated voter fraud in the world which had been so bad that the US military had been asked by Cuban opposition parties to intervene & conduct elections there. It called for voting in person with photographic ID required -- in 1940, mind you. Other 3rd World countries now -- including Iraq & Afghanistan -- have far better systems than the US to prevent voter fraud.

The "motor voter" & "count every vote" reforms of the Democrats make the US one of the worst countries in the world for voter fraud, essentially taking us back about a century to the days when Tamany Hall-style political machines dominate urban areas through voter fraud. Under the existing system any clever person can cast multiple ballots without any fear of being found out. This includes felons, foreign aliens, those under 18, foreign terrorists -- you name it. Half of the 9/11 terrorists were registered to vote (all illegally) in the USA. There is little checking or policing of registrants, in many cases even to check whether they are dead, are fictitious names, or are the names of the many people who never register or vote.

Voting by mail & other recent "reforms" diminish the power of real, legal voters, making those who illegally cast multiple ballots "more than equal." It enables people with time on their hands -- welfare recipients, civil servants, & retirees -- to cast several ballots while busy, working people (those who pay taxes) tend to only cast one each. The entire system violates the "one man one vote" principle established by the Supreme court & violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment it was derived from.

A basic rule of common sense these days is: "If that's the way they do it in Oregon, don't do it !"