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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dinesh D'Souza at Western

Wednesday night was the ultimate exposé of liberal political correctness on campus... Mr. D'Souza debated Tim Wise on affirmative action. Too bad Mr. Wise's biggest points were only backed up with eye-rolling, crude language and assenting jeers from the notoriously biased crowd instead of real facts and reason. There were gasps whenever Dinesh would say something wild like, "the founders weren't racists." ... You get the point. I, having already read many of his arguments, was glad enough to see what the real reaction is when they are employed.

I'm sorry I don't have good pictures of the actual debate--I couldn't deflash my China-made camera.

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Ok, so the real exciting part was meeting Dinesh and having him sign my copy of "What's So Great About America." Below is is the photo-op with yours-truly.

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Tuesday, the College Republicans did a little Affirmative Action bake sale...

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They were just doing their part to promote the debate. This has become a common activity for conservatives on many campuses across America. Most operate by selling cheaper to colored customers and more expensive to whites. It was made clear to the CRs, in no uncertain terms, that this type of activity would not be tolerated and would be shut down, were it attempted. Instead, they settled on just calling it an affirmative action bake sale (as an attention grabber) and selling the different baked goods for different prices.

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(Liam, Steve and Justin discuss affirmative action with various "customers.")

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At 7:43 AM, Blogger Palm boy said...

I like the affermative action bakesale. I've never heard of that before.

How do people react when they come up to the sale?

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Mark said...

The common response of the day was a misinformed one--there were a lot of professors who sent their students our way under the impression we didn't know it was already illegal in Washington.

There was a confrontational attitude. The Anti-racist White Male Student Union took the spot right next to us to give away free food--planned as a slap at the CRs but it's not we were really trying to make sales anyway. You can see a corner of a piece of paper on the post next to Liam, and it says something to the effect of: "FREE FOOD" with an arrow pointed away from us.

One of the primary debate organizers (regardless of his intentions) was out in front of both stands, saying, "Free food here, the College Republicans are selling theirs."


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Patrick said...

Great to hear your event went well. These bake sales are a great way to get discussion going on campuses.

Try the Animal Rights BBQ next...let that one sink in for a minute ;-)

Interesting about the "misinformed response", but not surprising. Keep up the good work at WWU, and keep me posted on future events.


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