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Saturday, May 21, 2005

That Backstabbin Krieger!

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A politician actually backstabbing the people? Heavens no. THAT never happens. Well it has and now Oregonians need to light up the lines or lose a major part of your gun owning rights. The reason? In a word "Krieger." Rep. Wayne Krieger to be exact.

It appears that he lied to both Oregon Firearms Federation(OFF) AND the NRA to take part in that nastiest of tactics, the "Gut and Stuff." That way he can tell 2nd amendment types that he supported them, while at the same time with a wink of an eye and a puff on the cigar, hand your rights over to the government... NICE.

Very few things in life are more painfull than to have someone smile at you, pat you on your head and assure you that things were going to be fine. Only to have that very same G-Dmn person walk into the next room and vote absolutely contrary to what he/she just said!

Folks should call or email Rep. Wayne Krieger now. 503.986.1401 or rep.waynekrieger@state.or.us

You can read the full text of the OFF alert here .


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