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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Freakin' New Guy

That's what the called me at my first job...well with the 'freakin' replaced with something a bit more colorful. So about me...

Thankfully, I was born both West and Right, so I think I’ll fit in fine here. I was born outside of Sacramento to a fifth generation cattle rancher and a housewife. Dad exposed me to Rush (Limbaugh, not the band) before my tenth birthday.

We transplanted to Bonanza, Oregon when I was 11. After high school, I spent four years of college in Indiana. Flat land is inherently unsettling to me. Big mistake.

After college, I came to work at an unnamed large exporter in the Seattle area. I currently reside in North Bend, WA with my wife and (almost) year old son.

Politically, I’m an independent. Ideologically, I waver between little ‘l’ libertarian and constitutionalist. Having been raised by a family that makes its living from the earth, I think environmentalists are the true scourge of humanity. Who will feed them when men like my father are gone because of them? It won’t be me.