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Friday, January 28, 2005

Oh Boy, More New Bills

Sheesh, can't get over some of the stuff that these folks introduce. I compare it to a person about to go out and greet the day, it pays to look in the mirror prior to leaving the house. Likewise, I'd wonder if the legislators bother to look and read the bill prior to introducing it. Here we go:

This first bill is SO dumb that it deserves a catagory of it's own, not just dumb but -

SB 416 - Prohibit Oregon State University or the University of Oregon from participating in the college football Bowl Championship Series on or after July 1, 2008. Oh yeah, we need our legislators to waste time on this one; yeah, this is what government should be spending my tax money on. This one is sooooo stupid that I feel the need to make it known which imbecile introduced this winner, it's one Sen. Ryan Deckert - a democrat (naturally) from Beaverton. I sure hope the next fellow to oppose him keeps this one visible to his constituents.

SB 335 - Allow school boards to prohibit firearms on school property, even with a concealed handgun license. Okay, so which idiot needs to review the tapes regarding Columbine? Who needs to go to our own state insane asylum and visit with our own Kip Kinkle. Does anyone doubt that if one or more teachers in either incident had been 'packing' that the incidents would have come to a halt much quicker with a lot less loss of life? Heck, you want to do something, let's debate a bill requiring teachers to carry concealed weapons - and let the students know it; think discipline won't improve? Bad idea, bad law, kill it before more whack students kill fellow students. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

SB 382 - Introduce a 5% sales tax. Suppose to cut every state tax payer's total state tax bill. Come on folks, we've been down this road how many times? Um, does the number 9 mean anything? It should because that is how many times we've defeated this really stupid idea. We know better, there is no tax cut, there is merely a tax substitution, they allow us to keep more money in our right pocket but turn around and take more of it out of our left hand pocket. To make this stupid idea even worse, the bill's author (Sen. Ben Westlund) wants to put it into the state constitution to ensure that (if it passes) that no future legislators could easily remove it. Hey Ben, it's a dumb idea and for you to bring it up shows how out of touch with this state that you truly are. Thumbs down.

SB 409 - Include murder of a reserve officer in the definition of "aggravated murder". Too bad we have include this via law, should have been there all along. However, let's fix it, so this is a good idea.

HB 2015 - Extend the statute of limitations for sex crimes by six years. For the most part I'm for this, I know and have seen accusation of 'sex crimes' abused; but I'd rather error on the side of safety. Let's hope this one passes.

HB 2020 - Expand criminal homicide to include causing the death of an unborn child, excluding abortions and acts committed by the pregnant woman, also creates crime of assault of unborn child. Personally, I'd like to see abortion abolished, but that is another argument for another point in time. In the meantime, let's pass this one - if someone kills an unborn child, that is a wanted child, let's call it what it is - murder. I can only hope this one passes.

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At 12:24 PM, Blogger Brian B said...

I am old school when it comesa to a lot of things about this state. For a long time, one of them was the sales tax. Recently, I've begun to think that a sales tax *COULD* be a good idea, *IF* )and ONLY if) it was used to REPLACE our income tax. But since I know they'd never eliminate one even if they did implememnt the other, I have to agree with you.


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