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Friday, January 21, 2005

The Third Rally

This rally was held in the evening - so make sure they screwed up traffic as much as possible. Police estimated that about 2000 people attended this march. For this radical city, a turnout of 2000 isn't very good. The rally was a mismash of the usual suspects - folks against the war, folks against the president, folks who know that the republicans are satan come to life, etc. This is a slightly blurry picture of the evening rally held in Portland.

While we all certainly have the right to protest, I just wonder what these folks think they are accomplishing? Is marching around actually going to change anything? Do they think that Bush and us, normal folks, don't know that they are unhappy? Is it going to make us want to throw away our values, cut and dye our hair, quit our jobs and join them?

Y'all got four more years of it, get over it and get use to it.Posted by Hello


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Patty-Jo said...

I imagine the reason the first two rallys were so small is that the kids were still in school.


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