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Friday, January 21, 2005

Conservative Sites Defaced By Hackers

Sound Politics reported a few days ago that the seattle indymedia center had hacked and defaced several conservative websites. Not only do they admit it, they brag about it, and give instructions at their site on how you too can become a hacktivist.

This is a despicable thing to do, and it has been happening more and more often to conservative sites. The people who engage in this childish behavior shame themselves and the party they claim to represent. Do they believe that by resorting to terrorist tactics they can frighten conservatives into submission? It's not going to happen.

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At 2:26 PM, Blogger TrekMedic251 said...

Y'know,...if liberal blogs had been hacked, the ACLU and the MSM would be all over it. People like Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton would be pushing legislation making it a "hate crime," etc,...

It was infantile, the children who did it will pat themselves on the back while passing a doob, and we'll all sit back and laugh at them for doing it.


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