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Monday, January 17, 2005

More Legislative Bills

First, I'd like to welcome the newest member of the Alliance; welcome aboard MissPatriot.

Thought I'd post some more of the new bills that have been introduced to the legislature, if anyone is interested (is anyone?) .

SB314 - Obligates the state to pay the child support for Oregon National Guardsmen stationed in Iraq or Afganistan. Where do I fall on this one? Well, a guardsman has all his needs taken care of while in service, especially when in a foreign country. He is fed, has shelter, there really isn't much to spend money on. Child support is based on your pay, so if his normal pay is reduced versus his normal 9 - 5 job, so too, his child support payments are reduced. Not necessarily a great deal for the kids, but it's no different than what would happen if daddy had to take any type of lower paying job. Add to that the fact that the state continues to whine it's not going to have enough money and overall this bill ends up in the STUPID CATAGORY.

SB500 - Would prohibit discrimination in employment, housing and public accomidations based on sexual orientation. First problem, discrimination of any type is prohibited in this state (based on state constitution) so this is already covered. To me it's setting the gays and transexuals up as a 'special' group - blaaaaa - sorry, hold your horses. While we shouldn't discriminate, we also don't need to set up a special group. We are all citizens under the law, we all need to be treated equally under the law. Add to this that there is no real proof that such discrimination exists - overall, a VERY stupid idea, ends up in the STUPID CATAGORY.

HB2361 - Requires that driving privleges must be revoked after three DUI convictions. Um, excuse me? You mean some pinhead judges are still allowing these drunks to hold onto a license? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, so once again we need to pinch the powers of the judges - stick this one in the GOOD CATAGORY.

SB249 - Exempt from the murder penalty mentally retarded people convicted of aggravated murder. Overall, a good idea, but I'd like to see an addition that commits these folks to a mental facility or prison (if they are ever declared sane) - so with that particular addition I would put this one in the GOOD CATAGORY.

SB313 - Makes it a crime to sell pseudoephedrine and similar substances in solid pill form that can be used to make methamphetamine without requiring photo ID from the buyer. This is a continuation of an administration order which made retailers require photo ID and fill out a form to buy said pills. It's a very lame attempt to curb the meth problem - it was pointed out that the folks making meth don't go to the corner drug store to buy their ingredients; they are getting it via internet, stealing mass quantities off the backs of shipping docks, etc. As usual, this type of logic fell on deaf ears - we already have safeguards in place to where if you buy more than 3 packets of OTC drugs that include the 'offending' substance that they don't sell it to you; but no, we needed to make a grand gesture. It's a stupid, ineffective admistrative rule, no reason to turn it into a stupid ineffective law - stick it in the STUPID CATAGORY.

SB300 - Allow public high school students in grades 11 or 12 and age 16 or older to take college courses for no charge. Why? Once you are out of the K-12 system, it costs money to go to school. Is there something special about these kids that should except them from fees? Again, if they don't pay their share of fees, we taxpayers will have to pick that cost up - STUPID CATAGORY.

SB298 - Prohibit health insurers from imposing different treatment limits or financial requirements for chemical dependency or mental conditions than for other medical conditions. Too much government sticking it's nose in private business. Read your policy BEFORE you sign up. You don't like the limitations on whatever aspect of the policy, then go buy another policy - another one in the STUPID CATAGORY.

SB306 - Increase minimum criminal penalties for providing or selling alcohol to someone younger than 21. I'd like to know what he is proposing to increase it to; overall though, this one would have my support - one in the GOOD CATAGORY.

SB294 - Permit production and possession of industrial hemp. Okay, I know there is a difference between 'production hemp' and 'recreational hemp' but it's tough to prove in court. We are already too lax in this state on marijuana, dumb idea, dumb possible law - STUPID CATAGORY.

SB290 - Require a permanent pesticide-use reporting system and increase fees for pesticide registration permits. Ohhhh, pleeeease - get a life, get a clue, that's all we don't need, MORE regulations. No, no, no, no, no. - DOUBLE STUPID CATAGORY.

SB261 - Reduce penalties for driving under the influence if the person operated a nonmotorized vehicle. Huh? Why? Don't we have laws against public intoxication (hint, the answer is yes). No, the fool can pitch himself off a bike into a plate glass window and do other things that I'd rather he didn't do with 'reduced penalties'. You wanna drink, then either do it at home or get a sober driver/method to get home. Bad idea - BAD CATAGORY.

SB228 - Set minimum physical education class requirements for kindergarten through eighth-grade public school students. Again, Nanny government at work - this should be set at the school board level, NOT at a state law level - STUPID CATAGORY.

One last thought - the legislature, at this point in time, seems to be resisting higher income taxes. However, I'll bet more regulations requiring licenses suddenly appear. I'll bet user fees and license fees increase. In the end, I won't be surprised if they finally come to the conclusion that despite all their efforts, they still end up asking for an income tax increase - they almost always do, and we almost always slap it down.

As the legislature rolls along -

More Later


At 7:06 PM, Blogger Patty-Jo said...

Wow, it sound like there's a lot going on in Oregon! I agree with your take on it, about nanny government.


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