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Thursday, January 13, 2005

And The Winner Is?

The confusion over the election of a new Governor has been a real wake-up call for Washingtonians. Most of us still aren't sure what happened. There has been abundant speculation, innuendo and hearsay, but of course none of us really knows anything for sure. We probably never will.

I voted for Dino Rossi(R), and of course I would love to see him take office, but only if he is elected by a clear majority of voters in Washington State. He wasn't, and neither was Christine Gregoire. When the difference in votes is within the margin of error, there is no way to know who won. Although I signed the Revote Petition, there is no guarantee that a revote will solve this.

There is a chance that even if Washingtonians are allowed to revote, the difference in votes will still be within the margin of error. Then what? When do we stop counting? The bottom line is that election reform is way overdue. The opportunities for error and fraud are huge. Not just here, but nationwide.

I read about how the voting was conducted in Afghanistan, and how it will be done in Iraq. Everyone that votes has to show ID, and after they vote their thumbs are dipped in indelible ink. I wouldn't want to walk around with a black thumb for days, but I showing ID is easy. In the United States, it's almost impossible to survive without some kind of ID. If you want to drive, rent an apartment, go to school, or apply for food stamps, you have to prove you are who you say you are.

I also read that over 60% of Washington voters use absentee ballots, and that this increases the opportunity for fraud. I and almost everyone I know votes absentee, not because we're housebound, but because it's so convenient. The truth is, most people that really want to vote will find a way to do so. And I honestly believe that if the powers that be really wanted election reform, it would been done already.


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