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Saturday, April 29, 2006


I laughed out loud. I hope I didn't disturb anyone in the Starbucks in Sehome Village (here in Bellingham).

"Immigration rights" advocates have been commiserating, ranting, and consoling one another about the continued presence of the Minuteman project in Whatcom County. As reported in The Bellingham Herald yesterday, the Washington State Human Rights Commission, descended on Bellingham to hear all the teeth-gnashing. Predictably, Western professor Larry Estrada (see David Horowitz' The Professors) attended and "delivered perhaps the most heated denunciation of the Minuteman group" and, I assume, got the 200 strong ovation of "whoops and...applause."
“Latinos have been many times persecuted,” Estrada said. “We have been under the gun by vigilantes, and that’s not going to happen any more."
Even more inspiring was another quote the Herald highlighted in a related article about the Minuteman response:
"I ask the law enforcement: What is your plan when the lynching happens and what is your plan when the intimidation happens?"
-Bern Haggerty, 41, Bellingham attorney
Coming from an attorney? ...

That's where I laughed.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Kathleen said...

Well, I hope it's true that laughter helps to relieve stress. This whole issue makes my stomach hurt. I moved last summer from SW Idaho, which has a very large Hispanic population.

There is also a Republican politician there, Robert Vasquez, who has long been a "Foe of Illegal Immigration. You may have seen him on "Hannity & Colmes" following a debacle over his presentation of a bill to the Mexican Consolate requesting payment for health services and expenditures related to criminal activities by "undocumented aliens".

I went looking for news or comments from Mr. Vasquez in light of recent events and found none. It seems he is now running for higher office, so perhaps he feels discretion is the better part of valor.

The only good news I heard regarding my old home state is that at least one major employer there - Omnipure Filtration Systems - advised their employees that anyone who failed to show up for work today so they could take part in protests would be fired. They were told "This is a political issue and this company does not contribute to political causes."


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