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Thursday, February 09, 2006

A carefully orchestrated outrage

The following analysis was sent to me recently by my cousin Chris Barnekov, an economist working within the beltway. I think it is insightful and I hope it gets out.

A Carefully Orchestrated Outrage
by Chris Barnekov

It is now very reliably reported that the eruptions across the Middle East were carefully nurtured by none other than the chief Imam for Denmark (Formanden for Islamisk Trossamfund -- President of the Islamic Society), one Ahmad Abu Laban, assisted by other Danish Muslim leaders.

Twelve drawings were actually published in Jyllands-Posten, but these imams added others -- none of which was published in Denmark (or elsewhere). I have seen some of these additional drawings, and three are incredibly offensive. So much so that I am not adding them to this post. One shows Mohammed with the face and ears of a pig; another shows him in the standard Muslim prayer position, but being sodomized by a male dog; the third depicts him as a pedophile. The Danish Muslim leaders showed these drawings around the Middle East.

These additional three cartoons are obviously made by amateurs, not the artists who made the 12 sketches actually published (which in my opinion are not particularly offensive). The three phony drawings are HIGHLY offensive and disgusting, even to me (and I am certainly no fan of the "prophet"). I can understand why Muslims would respond violently to these, but these were circulated by the Danish Imams who knew perfectly well that they were not published by Danes.

It took the Imams four months to orchestrate the planned uproar (and to make arrangements for such touches as having Danish flags available for burning -- isn't it odd that the street mobs all over the Middle East had Danish flags readily at hand? How many Arab markets regularly stock the Dannebrog?). Evidently this whole affair has been carefully orchestrated by the Muslim leaders of Denmark, no doubt with considerable assistance and funding from their radical Islamist sponsors across the Middle East.

In addition, Abu Laban is recorded as saying one thing to the Danish media, but the opposite the same day to Arabic media. If you can read Danish, here is one link to a recent documented example: http://ekstrabladet.dk/VisArtikel.iasp?PageID=333164 . Essentially, Abu Laban told Danish media on January 31 that he would urge Arabs to stop the assault on Denmark, but later the same day he told Al Jazeera (the Arab TV channel) that the Muslim citizens must "do their duty in defending the prophet" and that he rejoiced at the uproar. [Later he denied having said this, although Danish TV (DR) has the recording!] This is in the tradition of such 'Muslim leaders' as the late, unlamented Yasser Arafat, who was famous for saying one thing in English and the opposite in Arabic -- a trick he repeated many, many times (and usually got away with!).

Why are they doing this? It is a long term strategy, a frequently repeated tactic. Muslim leaders seize upon some (real or, as here, manufactured) affront to stir up violence and attract recruits. In this case, they thought they could pressure a small country with large export volumes to the Middle East. They hope to force Islamic law in place of Danish freedoms and to further radicalize Muslims in Denmark and abroad. It is a strategy employed over and over again to move toward the goal which has not changed in 1300 years – the subjugation of the entire world to Allah and Islamic law.

What is especially worth noting is that this campaign of violence and hatred has been orchestrated by the Muslim leaders in Denmark – the same leaders who meet with church leaders for dialogue and "understanding." It would be most interesting to follow the money that funded their travel around the Middle East for four months before the violence was ripe.


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