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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Leftists At UW Caught In Doublespeak

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Finally the Leftists at UW are having their feet held to the fire over the insensitive, race-baiting, and lunatic comments they made regarding a proposed memorial for WWII hero, and UW Alumnus, Gregoy "Pappy" Boyington.

Read the original and official minutes recorded at the ASUW meeting, where the controversy began.

In typical Leftist fashion, the irresponsible ingrates who made the comments are in full spin mode. 'Oh, we didn't mean that, our words were "taken out of context"... Yadda Yadda Yadda'.

And Seattle media's coverage, while helpful in raising the importance of the controversy, has been generally slanted to ease the pain of the offensive and rabid mouthpieces.

See e.g. "UW Students Face Barbs Of Free Speech" (Seattle PI) and "UW Student Senate To Vote Again On Memoriall" (KOMO 4).

As if a do-over is going to solve the underlying problem at UW, and what's this "barbs of free speech" crap all about? Damn skippy free speech has barbs, and responsibility for your words is one of them--but the PI article actually appears to try and remove any inroads to personal responsibility.

I don't doubt that some people have harassed and threatened those who spoke so ardently against honoring an American hero. While I would condemn threats of violence and profane harassment, these moronic Leftists need to be taught a lesson; one they won't soon forget. In fact, they should be held to account for their offensive comments, and made an example of to the larger community, as examples of what today's Academy produces in contrast to the 30's when UW churned out heroes like Pappy!

But it's also possible they aren't 100% at fault for their ignorance, after all, the Academy isn't exactly friendly towards the military these days, and with professors brainwashing students at every chance, this type of "doublespeak" should be understood, if not expected.

I mean, where's that security blanket of the classroom? Where's the sympathetic professor to defend you against the 'Zionist' neo-con enemy? Welcome to the real world kids!!!

Stay tuned to this controversy, as we'll see in the next few days whether the campus Leftists are successful in ducking out of responsibility. Their doublespeak, after all, is already being aided by the UW's student ("moobat-run") newspaper, The Daily.

Persecution? How about Pay It Forward?!?

Update 2/17: Michelle Malkin is on top of this story, as well. See: "The Fight Over Pappy Boyington"


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