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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Rumor Mill

From The Mill
Ok now this from the rumor mill.You know that RINO republican from the Bend area we blogged about earlier here?

You know, the guy that is supporting the Civil Unions legislation and getting Tim Nashiff all spun up?You know the republican that has not seen a tax increase that he didn't like?You know the guy that was behind the creation of the Oregon Culture Commission (or some name like that)? Or is that Culture Club?....

You know the guy that was all for suing the voters of Oregon and his own district in order overturn term limits on said politicians?

Well the rumor is that Sen. Ben Westlund is angling for a run at the Oregon Secretary of State. Interesting that the guy that was all for attacking the will of the voters would actually be considering a run for the position that is supposed to be the protector of the office of elections.

To further the rumor (and this is all it is at this point, but so much of it just smells as truth) we have heard that his legislative aid is a democrat from the Bend area. From what we hear it is up to her to deliver the democratICK votes for Ben should he make it through a Republican primary."Should" is the operative word in this case. For it will be tough for a "small 'r', tax increasing, people suing" republican to make it through the Oregon Republican primary. Yet stranger things have happened.