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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ward Churchill at Shoreline Community College

The traveling circus that is Ward Churchill's speaking tour visited Shoreline Community College in North Seattle last night.

I had earlier posted a run-down of every remark that struck me as odd. Of course that put my post at over 2,000 words and probably wasn't even all that interesting, other than to be a reminder of how sick and wrong Ward Churchill's garbled lies about America sound.

The fact that Ward is now "performing" on the community college circuit is enough in and of itself to illustrate his level of credibility. I have to agree with Travis Savala, who earlier commented on this blog that Ward's influence on politics is negligible.

One thing that struck me as meaningful about Ward's approach: he treats this whole thing like an act, and has a huge bag of tricks (both rhetoric and comedy). He recycles the whole peformance wherever he goes, and knows when to say just the right things to spark the audience off into either laughter, gasps of horror (but nonetheless agreement), or even:
"F*$# yeah man, REVOLUTION NOW!"

Here's a copy of the handbill and my ticket; a small showing of College Republicans holding Support Our Troops signs was dismissed by Churchill, when he said, "I AM THE GOD DAMN TROOPS!" Needless to say, it was well worth the money to confirm what I already knew: the guy's an America-hating loony-tune, and should enjoy zero credibility with sane individuals. His views are esoteric, and likely only make sense to him and his merry band of self-described "anarcho-daoists".

[Note here are some fun quotes I just couldn't pass up: Ward said that Condi and Colin are actually "white, because white is a state of mind"; he said that 9/11 happend because of "ghostly kharma", and all of the groups that America or Euro-centric Americans had 'screwed-over' were riding on the wings of the hi-jacked planes when they crashed into the Twin Towers; The ASL interpreters had a difficult time keeping up with the long-winded moonbat, and their faces were constantly contored trying to express the venomous hate coming out of Ward's mouth; he called the Vietnam Veteran's memorial wall in D.C. a waste of space; downplayed the significance of the Holocaust and the Jewish experience of persectution; claimed to put papers and "stuff" together by visually placing the pieces of his essay like a jig-saw puzzle, "you know thesis here, annotations[sic?] there..."


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Did he bring any of his "original" artwork?


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