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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Not sure how I missed this one...

If the First and Fifth Amendments weren't already off the table at the Constitutional Death Pool, this from Reason would take care of it. Apparently, certain alleged gang members are being denied the right to move about their neighborhoods after 10pm, or associate with other alleged gang members. Even wearing certain clothing can get you arrested. All this is done by Civil Gang Injunction. Once served, the person must comply with all the rules of the injunction or be arrested. The police decided who is served based on things including wearing red or blue (does Red, White, and Blue qualify?) or being seen in a photo with another alleged member. No proof is required that you actually are a gang member.

Now I know these are gang members. They aren't exactly the cream of the crop. They may not be the nicest people. I'm sure most people would be very happy with them all off the street. But concocting crimes just to take certain people off the street is a very slippery slope.

Here in Seattle, they may decided that you qualify for a Civil Gang Injunction if you wear anything with the letters G, W, or B on it. Or if you are or have ever been seen around a likeness of an elephant.

Of course if Seattle had implemented one regarding dred-locks, Che T-Shirts, and Marijuana leaves back before WTO, we probably wouldn't have had any problems. Of course, some areas of Seattle would still be a ghost town...


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Brian B said...

Actually, if you read through the article, it's not even clear that they ARE gang members. This is just wrong.


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