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Monday, July 25, 2005

Tom Cox For State Rep?

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Tom Cox running as a Republican for House District 29? Ok ok, it is not as big as say running for governor or someone challenging Wu. However it would have some major implications on the state house.

Here's the deal... For the last ten years or so Mr. Tom Cox has been running for everything in sight as a Libertarian (or as I have been wan't to call them, Libercrats because all a libertarian can do is elect a Democrat.). Including running for House District 29 in the last election cycle.

He had a most terrible showing in that race even running against the pro tax republican Mary Gallegos. However he was successful in throwing the seat to the dems. Which is what many movement Republicans were secretly hoping would happen after Gallegos stabbed them in the back. Cox did significantly raise his name ID in that election however.

Now, I know Mr. Cox somewhat and I know his personality type even better. He wants to be in Salem in the worst way. After running a very high profile spoiler campaign for governor Cox almost switched parties to run for that district 29 seat back when. Almost...I opposed the campaign of Cox in that seat because I just don't think that third parties are the way to effect change. The Tom Cox campaign proved me right. However I did not oppose Cox on an issues basis, and rumor has it that Cox has matured and has learned a lesson.

That lesson is that, if you want to effect policy change you need to win elections.Now the rumor is that Cox is flirting with changing parties and taking his name ID and grassroots machine and throwing it after district 29 once again. This time as a Republican. SMART MOVE.

If he were to run as a Republican in that district he would be going into a general election starting out with about 47% of the vote instead of 5%. HUGE difference. The Republicans would stand a GREAT chance of ousting the DemocratICK Rep. Chuck Riley , and gaining another super solid vote on the Republican side. (note: one should not overlook the necessity of having not just republicans in the house but SOLID Republicans. You know those guys that won't break your hearts.)

So there is pressure for Cox to change parties again and Cox is, as some might say "bending under the pressure." However that is not how the Coyote would put it. No, we here at NWRepublican call it "maturing."

Tom Cox, if yer coming over, welcome aboard! I think you'd find the sailing much smoother than you think. Certainly much smoother than tilting at those windmills. THIS... Now THIS might just work. Might just work for everybody, Republicans, Libertarians, Oregonians.

Yip Yip


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