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Monday, February 28, 2005

Political Protection

We over at nwrepublican.blogspot.com have been asked by the good folks of HWTR to update readers on the shenanigans in Oregon campaign finance. I know, I know, everyone has heard about how the democrtICK politicians in Washington have stolen the election. Yet there is another controversy brewing.

That is of the Oregon democratICK party hiding campaign finance irregularities and being covered by a democratICK Sec. of State (Bill Bradbury). For an update see below:

Bradbury Mafioso
Secretary of State Bill Bradbury was the recipient of thirteen letters from the state GOP detailing alleged election laws violations, including two candidates, Senator Joanne Verger and Senator Laurie Monnes-Anderson, who spent tens of thousands of dollars of in-kind donations not reported until after the election. Other campaign in - kind donations received by a number of legislators, including Ryan Deckert, also violated election laws, according to the Oregon GOP.

Laundered campaign money was received by Judy Steigler ($12,300) and others. Representative Chuck Riley neglected to report $2,000 of media buy expenditures. These are just a few examples of the violations outlined in the letters.

But Democrats are not worried. They have their fox guarding the chicken coop, in the person of Secretary of State Bradbury. This pillar of party bias and one eyed dealer of redistricting has apparently virtually ignored the issues brought before him. His mafia-like "protection" for all things Democrat has earned him a position of confidence in the Party, and democrat officials and the Democrat Party (which appears again and again in these violations) know they can count on him to polish the edges off this scandal.They are chuckling in the quotes attributed to them in articles on the issue. Business as usual, they said. I expect they are correct. Far be it from the Democrats to be overly concerned about the niceties of election disclosure law, unless the subject under discussion happens to be a Republican. After all, Bill is there. It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business.

Check the link to NWRepublican for other news and commentary. As for the political protection racket, we will attempt to keep HWTR up do date on traffic. Until then, contact your legislator and or newspaper and ask for a full investigation.