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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

French cowboys vs. American cuisine

Thanks to Drudge for pointing spotting this gem from Associated Press.

Highlighted in the article is the almost absurd level of praise between two formerly bitter rivals. The kind of compliments Chirac and Bush trade remind one of complete denial.

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Only months after he criticized countries "like France," President Bush was lavish in his praise of French President Jacques Chirac, one of the sharpest critics of the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

"I'm looking for a good cowboy," Bush said Monday when a French reporter asked him whether relations had improved to the point where the U.S. president would be inviting Chirac to the U.S. president's ranch in Texas.

Chirac had equally kind words to say about Bush, saying he and the American president "always had very warm relations."

Iraq? Merely a blip in ties between the two countries that have been "excellent for over 200 years now," Chirac said.

"Now, of course, that doesn't mean that because we share common values, we don't necessarily agree on everything all the time," Chirac added, "That doesn't necessarily mean we agree on everything at every time."
Sure...to say the least and thanks for putting it so nicely. Unfortunately, I think Mr. Chirac is entirely too optimistic about shared values. Later in the piece...
Then, when they addressed reporters, Chirac did not mention the dispute over Iraq but spoke instead of how much he had enjoyed food at the summit. "Over the last few days, this cuisine here in America was certainly on a par with French cuisine," he said.

"He particularly liked the cheeseburger he had yesterday," Bush quipped at the time.
Ok, that was a clever poke by Bush! To be honest, I am appalled that we in America could have served food to please a Frenchman!

In conclusion, "fence-mending" is all well and good. After all, it's not worth being enemies for the sake of being enemies. That said, it is of the UTMOST importance that there is no compromise on issues like treatment of rogue nations (Iran and Syria). So far I haven't seen anything to trigger red flags in this regard.

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