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Friday, January 21, 2005

"Not our president, not our war."

"George W. Bush didn't just screw up with the war — he screwed up the entire country," said Rod Campbell, at the anti-Inauguration protest which took place in Seattle yesterday.

Many of the protesters were students who walked out of their classes at noon.

They protested against the war in Iraq, tax cuts and Social Security, gay marriage and abortion. But, primarily, they protested against George Bush. Apparently, this man is so evil, so currupt, that continued marches are in order.

Paul Raymond, age 73, believes that "it'll take three months for the real protests to begin".

"First we have to get through this farcical election in Iraq and a few more GIs being killed ... but the time will come when people have had enough."

It almost sounds like he wants the Iraqi election to fail, and more GIs to be killed.