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Friday, January 21, 2005

Counter-Inaugural Events In Eugene, OR

Here is the report of how the day went, according to KMTR.com My smart-ass comments can be found in italics throughout.

Hundreds of protesters turned out in Eugene at three different locations Thursday, voicing their opinion about the President as he was inaugurated for a second term in office.

It began at the EMU Amphitheater on the University of Oregon Campus, with speakers and music.

From there, protesters marched to the Federal Building on 7th and Pearl, where they joined the festivities already underway. The afternoon held a variety of events, including interfaith dancing, chanting, singing and a drumming ceremony.

Now, this interfaith dancing. I have it on good authority that Baptists aren't supposed to dance, so here they are, alienating people already. And you can count out priests who have taken a vow of silence.

Jim Rassman delivered the keynote speech. Rassman, who is most widely known for his participation in the Kerry campaign and "Veterans for Kerry" spoke about the war, and his strong feelings about it. He said he doesn't believe Bush has told the truth about the war. After he spoke, people held a candlelight vigil and marched around the Federal Building.

Call the troops back! Jim Rassman doesn't believe President Bush. But, he does believe John Kerry... who wasn't in Cambodia.

As the event at the Federal Building wrapped up, another event began at Cozmic Pizza in Eugene, where there was music, speakers and political theater. Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy was also present. Protesters say they were inspired by the turnout.

Mayor Kitty Piercy was there? So much for reaching across the aisle. You're off to a great start, your honor.

Bush supporters did turn out, but were booed away. Eugene Police say there were no arrests during the events.

It was nice of them to allow others to excercise their first amendment rights also. No wonder they're the party of the people!


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